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Massage oil for the ears. Dirty Treat Records was founded with one principal in mind. Publish music that would otherwise not be published. Because of this, for one reason or another, many of our albums are unavailable for sale due to pending litigations. If we do have a title available, however, you will find it here.

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Bathtime is a non-fictional band featuring two middle-aged, grumpy programmers that you can't wait to hear. Since they are programmers, their musical style was potentially influenced by electronic and experimental music. The band formed while they were working together at a tech company and bonded over a shared love of music. They started writing and recording songs as a way to cope with stress, and eventually decided to start performing as Bathtime (a nod to the relaxing and meditative nature of taking a bath).

Behind the Name

As the band name Bathtime suggests, the music they produce is more of a background music, something you'll listen to when you're taking a bath, or doing something else with your hands (wink, wink). It could be a perfect blend of ambient and chill-out genre, with a touch of mellow and dreamy. The band's lyrics could also reflect their feelings about the hectic and fast-paced nature of the tech industry and the need for a little bit of relaxation and mindfulness.


The band members, as grumpy, shit-talking middle-aged basic white male programmers, also bring a unique perspective to their music, as they have a wealth of life experience and a different set of influences than a younger band might have. Their music could reflect their cynicism and wit, and their lyrics, or even their band description could be filled with clever wordplay and a dry sense of humor. They could also incorporate elements of their programming backgrounds into their music, such as using computer-generated sounds or incorporating coding concepts into their songs.


Overall, Bathtime might be an interesting and unique band with a backstory and musical style that sets them apart from other bands in the industry. They could appeal to a wide range of listeners, from those just looking for background music to unwind to (wink, wink), to those interested in experimental and electronic music. If they ever release any of their work, you will want to give it a listen.