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Perfect gifts for perfect... MOTHERS.We at Dirty Treat Publishing won't publish just any book, we only publish books that nobody else will. As such, most of our books are not for sale online. Many of our books, for one reason or another, we are legally compelled to never mention again. If we do have a title available, however, you will find it here.

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BE SAFE by FU Babe for sale on

"Brilliant, provocative, outrageous, and bizzare, the infamous artist and philosopher FU Babe presents to you a collection of 42 illustrated musings that break all of the rules. Babe puts his unmistakable stamp on subjects ranging all the way from Global Warming to Little League Dads to the Subway Sandwich guy, and with each turn of the page your soul will come one step closer to eternal salvation." &mdash FU Babe

About the Author

FU Babe is a contributor to various national and international bathroom stalls, FU Babe lives in a secret cave near Limerick, North Dakota.

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